by Morphia
Aug 12, 2010

Weekly Top 5 medal 50 Adores 25 Adores


About this Style
How did the song you chose inspire you to make this avatar?

Well first off, I really like this song. I had never heard it before but as soon as I did I knew it would be the song I'd use in this contest. The whole song is really catchy but as I listened to it more I realized that the lyrics were much darker than I had first imagined. And because of that I tried to fuse the upbeat sound and the dark lyrics in the style of the avatar. One of my favorite lines is "Tonight out on the streets
I'm gonna follow you.." The stalker in the song is twisted and delusional and I couldn't help but start envisioning her. So in the end it was easy for me. My avatar IS the stalker in the song. Also, the song says, "There's someone who breathes you night and day. There's a friend who wants so much more.." so I tried to make her look like a normal girl with a serious dark side. Anyway, I've probably written far too much at this point but I had a blast with this contest.

Tags: Black Halftop, Black Ribbon Choker, Black Sheer Pantyhose, chic, Chipper Tribal Tattoo, Donna Fake Lashes, Flashback Material Girl Shoes, GA, Giselle Rosebud Wig, Gray Floral Hose, Inclover Elegrace Necklace, La Roux, Lililace DeKonstrukted Smudge Makeup, Misery Lotus RebelTranquility Belt, Morphia, Pink Sheer Pantyhose, Pinstriped Bill Selfcentered Shoes, Pixie Arm Ties, Red Laced Leggings, RoQ Candy Turvey Belt, Runaway Eyeliner, Rust Button Up Leggings, sfMusic, Skull and Crossbones Tank Top, Sougara Emeralde Chainloop Belt, stalker, Tigerlily