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Make an avatar using at least TWO of the Breezy Coverups!

This week's Summer is awesome around here, and for this round, I wanted to do something a little bit more challenging: instead of using just one of the proposed challenge item, you have to use TWO! Why? Because these amazing sheer dresses layer gorgeously and change colors beautifully. Sometimes the colors become more brighter, sometimes more duller depending on which Coverup you are using. The ~*MAGIC*~ of layering!

In your entry, please state somewhere which two coverups you used, be it with your shared outfit on Subeta or (part of) the names.

To give a little more incentive for this extra challenge, there are going to be 10 users each receiving one 100 Credit Gift Card instead of the usual 1 million sP wishlist items.

This challenge will end next week, on Wednesday 2nd August! Feel free to share your avatars both here and on our Stimulate board!

  • A new challenge will be posted every Wednesday
  • Custom Wearables are allowed for this challenges, unless otherwise specified
  • Make an avatar as per our challenge and share it to Style File. Tag with 'stimulate' if you wish! Remember you must own all clothing for avatars uploaded on Style File
  • If you do not want to upload on the website, you are welcome to enter by saving a copy with a trusted site like Imgur and post it on our forum thread
  • Your entry into the weekly raffle will earn you 20 raffle tickets
  • You will also earn 1 raffle ticket per adore; adores will be totalled up when the raffle is drawn on Wednesday
  • Each week, at least five people will win a 1 million sP wishlist item
  • Join our ping groups, #stylefile and #stimulate, for the latest news and events!
  • If you have any further questions, feel free to ask on the thread or comment us (Thomas or Who) on Subeta

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