I've got some news for you
by beyonce
Jul 6, 2010

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About this Style
fembots have feelings too

omglmao watching mean girls in irc with vic and stef

got the feather/salon combo idea from maja <333

after spending a while saving up, i blew my 12mil on the liquid liner ;A;
and stfu i am bad at saving

lol saving the salon codes here for prosperity
base: ba7a83
bright: e1a5ae
dark: 623d42
streak (1): f1dda7

EE FIRST 100!!!

Tags: anklets, anti, argo, argo blackout, argo blackout liquid liner, argo blackout ornament, beads, bidoof battle brigade, biscotti, black, blackout, broad empire belt, butterfly, colonial, corset, cream, eyeshadow, fairy, fairy lipgloss, feather, feathers, fembot, flats, freckles, gizmo, gold, gray, gray bunny mini, headphones, light, liquid liner, lol, mean girls, misery lotus, music, ohoho, onyx, ooh la layers, pastel, peekaboo, peekaboo boink, pink, pixie, pixie powder, rainyday, rainyday light, rainyday light corset, ring, robyn, roq candy turvey, roq candy turvey bleached flats, roq candy turvey shoulder swirls, rose, salon, shawl, sheer, shoulder swirls, snow queen, snow queen eyeshadow, tattoo, topsekrit things, torn stockings, vesnali, vesnali clip, white, wilob, wrapped corset, yellow