mess with the bull, you get the horns
Jun 22, 2017

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About this Style
For Stimulate Your Style Challenge 40: Moppet Salon Hair

It's kinda hidden under the Silky Marmus Bun, it's still there! You can see the Moppet hair as the long side bang bits and the little curl of hair near the neck C':

Tags: Bone Shoelace Hook, Brown and Black Striped Cinch, Copper Chain Belt, Delish Autumn Lip Shine, Gold Lo-Tek Leggings, Gold Swirly Right Cuff, Grim Ram Rack, hair salon, Ivory Delicate Lace Slip, MayQ Venom Belly Charm, Mocha Body Blush, no cw, Obsidian Demontail, Ontra Paint Kit, Onyx Faun Hoof, Peacockulous Sash, Silky Marmus Bun, Smash and Bash, SoFierce Double Duty Black Shadow, Sougara Wasteland Cowboy Leather Armbands, stimulate, Underling Decorative Cinch, Ziara City Coupe