by Sin
May 25, 2010

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About this Style
I'm alive. Andandand I finally got around to finishing a Zodiac av I started way back in December. Lol.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so I decided to roll with that idea. It started off with a bow, but all the bows/arrows layered badly with this cape except for SSB, which I didn't figure anyone would lend me for an HA, lol. Much love to my fantastic IRC Chicas for helping me sort this one out!

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Tags: 1: fdc766, 2010, 2: ffd99e, 3: fdc766, 4: a4565e, 5: f9bd8f, B: dd8170, Beige Torn Stockings, Blazing Sandals, blue, Blue Sheer Pantyhose, BS: ffffff, cape, Chicbot, Distinguished Gentleman Silver Brocade Vest, DS: 2b131a, fire, Flame of Red Rreign Cape, GA, Genetech Digital Cornea, gold, hair salon, INGH, kimono, lavender, Lunar Wrap Top, May 2010, Misery Lotus RebelTranquility Belt, orange, Pastel Pink Bow Belt, peach, pink, Pink Sheer Pantyhose, purple, Rainyday Desert Rose Belt, Rainyday Solar Flare Kimono, red, Sagittarius, salon, sun, Sweet Lolita Cherry Lipgloss, torn, Tribal Priest Golden Necklaces, violet, White Button Up Leggings, Wilob, Wilob hair, yellow, Yellow Ankle Socks, Zodiac