tag search not working?

tag search not working?

Postby mean » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:09 pm

when i type in a term and change the search type to 'tag', what comes up is

#a long, #list, #of hashtags
#presented, #like, #this

when i click on one of those, it simply re-sets my search like nothing happened.
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Re: tag search not working?

Postby Who » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:41 am

Sorry for the late reply, just saw this n.n

The search works like this that the term you entered gets searched in all the tags that were once used - no matter where it is in a word, for example when searching for the word 'ball' I get "Ball, ballerina, balloon" and anything containing that word. It's also not so fine-tuned like Google or other search engines, so some smaller words just tend to have a long list of tags which you gotta look through to find the one you were looking for.

I looked into this further and noticed there are some tags which have # before the searched term. This is an incorrect form as the tags you enter don't need a hashtag, the link creates itself. Some users do that assuming it works similiarly like Twitter, I guess? But yeah, it's not necessary.
It probably returns you to the search page because it is an incorrect term and unfortunately it resets the complete search. You can always go back in your browser to your last search, the complete list is still there. Just don't click on the ones with # ^_^

Sorry I can't be of more help! If you have any more questions or notice something else that doesn't work correctly, feel free to post here. Thanks for notifying us about this bug, I'll look into fixing this somehow ^_^
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